5 Days to a Better Demo

Hi!  Chris White here.  I've decided to do something that some people think is CRAZY!  I've decided to give away - for free - some of my BEST content.  I've unlocked this five day program and made it available for free.  Over the next five days you will receive an email a day which unlocks the content that will give you the tips, techniques and best practices on how to stand in front of an audience and deliver a WINNING software sales demonstration.

In this program I cover...

1.  What to do before you begin to ensure you have the audience with you

2.  How to begin your demonstrations to "set the hook" early and get their attention

3.  The importance of knowing what I call your "AH-HA" moments and how to fully leverage them

4.  The three most important things to avoid so as NOT TO CONFUSE your audience

5.  The importance of expecting questions and how to acknowledge and respond to them

6.  A framework for how to answer questions the RIGHT way - and when NOT to

7.  A three-step check down that I follow to ensure I give the right answer every time


9.  How to Seek Feedback

10.  The art of the "Mini-Close"

This online video program covers all of these items and many more.  If you are in software sales or a sales engineer, this program is for you.  If you're in Sales Enablement and looking for new material to provide your sales teams.  This would be a GREAT complement to what you are doing.

I invite you now to begin this 5-day journey to better demonstrations.



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