The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers Online Course

Learn the must-have skills necessary to succeed in Technical Presales.

All The Tools You Need To Succeed

1. Secrets of earning the Respect and Trust of your Sales Counterparts
2. Techniques of how to Discover the Unfiltered Truth from Prospects
3. Tricks and hacks to save Hours if not Days Preparing for Demos
4. Foolproof Method for eliminating Avoidable Mistakes in front of the Customer
5. Must-Do Best Practices for Getting the Technical Win (and Mistakes to Avoid)
6. The ONE Thing that MUST Happen After Every Demo
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Included in this course:


  • Understanding the differences between Sales and SEs
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • What Technical Presales is NOT
  • How to Execute Flawless Technical Discovery in 30 Minutes
  • The "Magic Trick" Principle
  • The Golden Rule of Selling Technology
  • The Newspaper Principle
  • The Minimum Viable Demo
  • The 'So What' Principle
  • When to Deliver the Home Run Moments and How
  • Click Every Click and The "Check Down" System
  • The Qualified YES and The Power of Saying NO
  • How to Seek Feedback and Deliver the "Mini-Close" 
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