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At DemoDoctor.com we believe that the role of sales engineer is one of, if not THE most important jobs in the rapidly growing technology industry.  We believe that finding qualified professionals that possess both a technical background and a sales acumen is becoming increasingly more difficult, with no end in sight.  We further believe that it is quicker and easier to teach technology professionals sales techniques than it is sales professionals technology. 

DemoDoctor.com is a website dedicated to the coaching, training and enablement of software sales engineers worldwide, based on the framework The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers.  In today's economy software drives everything.  As a result, one of the fastest growing and most lucrative professions in the world is that of the sales engineer - the "technical" guys and gals that accompany and work with sales professionals to give software demonstrations, answer technical questions, and help secure the sale from a technical perspective.  (Sometimes referred to as solution architects or application engineers.)

Regardless of the title, technical pre-sales can be a tireless, challenging job.  We are often thrown into difficult situations; asked impossible questions.  But it is also an incredibly rewarding and satisfying job.  When we deliver the demo or technical presentation that addresses all the questions and closes the deal, we are heroes and paid handsomely as a result.

The challenge many of us face however is that we tend to come from a technical background, by definition, as opposed to a sales or marketing background.  And there is very little sales training in the market for technical professionals.  They certainly don't teach sales engineering in schools.  You either pursue a technology degree or a sales/marketing degree.

That is the void that DemoDoctor.com fills.  We offer online training courses, public courses, seminars, webinars and on site classes.  We facilitate sales rep/sales engineer collaboration workshops and offer demonstration assessments and story-building and telling instruction.  All of our material and courses are based on The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, created by founder Chris White.  This framework, recognized as one of the best, most complete packaging of sales engineer training content in the industry, can be learned and applied by anyone with the right attitude and frame of reference.

Welcome to DemoDoctor.com.  Better Demos, Better Results. 


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