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Welcome to DemoDoctor

DemoDoctor was created by Chris White, author of The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, to offer foundational training to those individuals who are new to the profession and professional development opportunities to more seasoned professionals looking for ways to elevate their skills and produce better results. 

We also offer team training and group discounts for sales and presales leaders looking to offer training solutions for their teams.  Whether you are looking to supplement onboarding programs or offer your team new opportunities for professional development, we're here to help.

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I'm Completely New to this Role

Do you have training that will help me?

YES!  Our training is designed to provide people new to the role a foundation for success.

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I'm a Mid-Career Professional

Is it too late for me to consider a job change?

Absolutely NOT!  I was 15 years into an IT career before I entered presales!

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We Prefer In-Person Training

Do you offer classroom training?

Yes!  Now that the world is has opened back up.  We offer onsite, in-person training.

Why DemoDoctor?

In spite of our name, our training goes beyond what it takes to deliver compelling, engaging, relevant sales demonstrations - although that's certainly a big part of it.  Our training is based on the Six Habits framework that our founder Chris White wrote about in his book.  What are those Six Habits and what are the challenges we seek to address? 

  • Building a partnership with sales based on trust, mutual respect, and effective communication
  • Learning the art and science of effective discovery - what questions to ask, how to ask them
  • Preparing for meetings with efficiency and effectiveness - balancing productivity and precision
  • Practicing our delivery - eliminating avoidable mistakes and handling problems with grace
  • Delivering relevant, compelling, engaging demos that build trust and win the deal
  • Developing the habit of continuous improvement - always building upon success and failure

If you are new to the profession or considering a career change, our program will catapult your career.  If you have been in the profession for a while, but not seeing the results you expected, our training will revitalize your career.  If you are a leader looking to elevate your team, look no further.

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I'm NEW to THIS!

Where do I begin...

If you're new to this role and you've not read the book, we suggest you begin there.  It is the PERFECT introduction.

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I've read the book!

I Want to Go Further in my Journey...

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I Manage a Team!

We need training to Elevate Our Game...

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"We’ve been to dozens of ‘technique training’, but this is the first time that it has all been "put together" for me as a Sales Engineer into one program. "

– Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

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"The training was fantastic. I absolutely wish someone had delivered this to me at age 24 when I started in this industry. "

- Director, Sales Engineering, Oracle

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What we Believe and Our Commitment to You...

We believe that the Presales Profession - the role of Sales Engineer - is the best job in technology!  We also believe that there is a fundamental set of habits, techniques, and best practices - that when learned, applied, and followed - produce reliable, repeatable, predictable results.  And we believe that anyone with the right mindset, commitment, and drive can learn them and succeed.

Our commitment to you is simple.  We are determined to help you succeed.  We have worked hard to assemble training that is relevant, tangible, and actionable.  Our goal is to make our programs consumable, enjoyable, and - most importantly - impactful.


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