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What Do We Teach?

The skills we teach go way beyond how to give a good demo.

Of course our training provides a framework for delivering winning sales demonstrations.  But our training goes beyond that.  Our programs start by digging into what it truly means to be a sales engineer - understanding the role and the objective, which we refer to as 'achieving the technical win'.  We provide specific guidelines on how to properly prepare for customer meetings, with both efficiency and effectiveness.  Then we spend the majority of our time focusing on Sales skills.  Engaging with Customers.  Reading the room.  Answering questions effectively.  Everything necessary to get the Technical Win!

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What are people saying

"The training was fantastic.  I absolutely wish someone had delivered this to me at age 24 when I started in this industry. "

- Director, Sales Engineering, Oracle

"We’ve been to dozens of ‘technique training’, i.e. Story Telling, Sales Training, etc. but this is the first time that it has all been "put together" for me as a Sales Engineer into one program. "

– Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

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Sales Engineer

New to the profession? Considering it?  Seasoned professional looking to up your game?  These courses are designed to make you more money, give you more time, and make you an SE Rock Star.

Sales Professional

Do you depend on sales engineers to close deals?  Are you satisfied with your software demos?  Are your demos closing business faster or slowing things down?  Increase revenues by enabling your SEs.

Sales Management

Are your teams hitting their numbers?  Do you struggle with how to train your sales engineers in the 'soft skills'?  Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you achieve your numbers.

Why Demo Doctor

We believe that the role of SALES ENGINEER is the most unique role in the software sales industry.  Sales engineers - sometimes referred to as solution architects, application engineers, sales consultants, etc - are required to be highly knowledgeable in their particular field or domain AND effective presenting to and engaging with and selling to prospects and customers.  The sales demonstrations they deliver are critical to the success of a sales engagement.  And yet virtually all of the sales material available in the crowded sales training market is aimed at sellers - NOT sales engineers.  From our vantage point, it is an under-served (and often under-appreciated) segment in the market.

To that end, has been created to provide a series of training classes, workshops, seminars and online programs specifically designed for sales engineers.  Success in this role is both and art and a science.  And we have brought both together in our series of programs and offerings.  The basis of our programs is the Amazon #1 bestselling new release 'THE SIX HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SALES ENGINEERS", written by Chris White.  The six habits provide the foundation for what all sales engineers need to do before, during and after a sales demonstration or presentation, to "achieve the technical win" - which is ultimately the objective of sales engineering.

Whether you are new to sales engineering or a seasoned veteran, these programs will give you specific, actionable techniques that will elevate your game to the highest level.  Close more deals, have more free time and become a ROCK STAR sales engineer.


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